1. Bulking Up

Hybrid rape varieties have been increasing in popularity in the recent years.  They commonly have drilling rates of between 2 – 3Kg’s/ha which may cause problems for some growers.  Tiger Minis are designed to bulk up seed rates at planting by adding the equivalent of 5 – 10 kg’s/ha to the seed hopper.


2. Autumn Sulphur

Oil seed rape is very responsive to sulphur applications.  Although the bulk of the crops requirement occurs in the spring, the crop will need a small need for sulphur in the autumn which can be satisfied by the addition of Tiger Minis prills.


3. Local Acidification

A further benefit of using Tiger Minis is a local acidification.  The young oil seed rape plant has to extract nutrients from a very small amount of soil in its early stages.  The addition of Tiger Minis will temporarily reduce the pH of the soil around the roots thus increasing the availability of many micro-nutrients.